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NSFS (Network Smart Filtering System) is one of the Production of Pishgaman Kaipod on Firewall & Filtering Systems. Designing and Developing of this software is start beginning of 2000 & after 5 years, NSFS is come in Iran's Market for sale. This software as title of Intelligent Filtering System with Internet, Firewall, NIDS, Cache Server, LAN Accounting in ISP's Companies, Organizations & etc.

This product is Build on Linux operating system but have the ability to configure it from the windows operating system because of having the user friendly web interface. By having the auto intelligent Robot, database of the software is updating daily and also have the entry of more than 60,000,000 sites URL in database. Work Excellent in large network environment & also work on 20 Megabyte bandwidth speed, have the Possibility to filter the search results, possibility to change the Route table, built-in NAT Server, have a powerful cashe Server, state full Firewall, possibility to change the Security of firewall with authority of Admin, port forwarding, NIDS, file type filtering, possibility to inactive (Filtering, Caching or Lan Accounting) any one and lot more features are available.

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